The power of GitLabâ„¢ Core and Mercurial combined

Available Now

Use it now at heptapod.host
  • Mercurial Hosting

    Access your Mercurial repository through HTTPS, SSH or the Web UI.

  • Activity-Based Pricing

    Only pay for active users.
    See pricing
  • Git Hosting

    Heptapod has the full Git hosting capabilities of its GitLab Core foundation.
  • Project Management Features

    GitLab basic features are fully integrated:
    merge requests, issues tracker, milestones and boards
  • GitLab Pages

    Easily build and publish static websites under heptapod.io directly from Git or Mercurial repository with free HTTPS certificate
  • Easy and Safe History Mutation

    Use Mercurial as you have for 15 years, or start collaborating on drafts using the topic and evolve extensions.
  • Integrated On-Demand CI/CD

    Pre-configured CI runners can get spawned on-demand and billed based on your actual usage. You can also use your own runners if you prefer so.
  • Container Registry

    Host your Container images close to your code (Docker or any OCI image). Access your private images with the same credentials as your code, notably from CI.
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Coming Soon

Planned for the coming months.
  • More GitLab features

    Other features like Git LFS (large binary objects) are close to being unlocked.
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Planned For Later

These features are on the roadmap
  • Mercurial LFS Support

    Transparently move your large assets to appropriate storage with the integrated LFS server.
  • Mercurial finer access permissions

    Use the Mercurial narrow feature and closely control which user can access which part of your repository.
See full list of features

Full Feature List

Category Feature Support Notes
access control group based Yes
project based Yes
Subgroups Yes
Mercurial & Git access: clone, push, pull HTTPS Yes with Personal Access Tokens
Mercurial workflow merge-request from named branch Yes with immutable changesets.
merge-request from topic branch Yes with mutable draft changeset
Merging MR from the command line Yes
Merging MR from the Web UI Yes with merge if needed, linear and semi-linear options
Other Web UI branch manipulations No
Some MR actions No e.g. cherry-pick
Protected branches Yes
Project forks No
Project Management issues Yes
milestones Yes
board Yes
Wikis Yes
email notifications notifications Yes
comment by reply Yes
Integration Mattermost Yes External, not provided on heptapod.host
External issue tracker, CI Bots, etc. Unclear Some work only for Git projects. Contact us for more details.
import from generic Mercurial or Git URL Yes
From another Heptapod or GitLab instance Yes
Full imports from other forges implemented in GitLab Partial Git only
Multiple, specified as a manifest file Partial Mercurial only
Continuous Integration user managed runners Yes
Clever-Cloud managed runners Yes Provided and billed on-demand
Continuous Deployment Unclear Needs user feedback
Auto-devops Unclear Needs user feedback
Hosting Build Artifacts Yes Need to lift various size limits and probably S3-like storage
Container Registry Yes
GitLab Pages Yes Host static websites under heptapod.io
Authentication Clever Cloud SSO Yes
SSO No Other than Clever Cloud's on heptapod.host
2FA push/pull Yes with Personal Access Tokens
Advanced Mercurial features Changeset Evolution Yes
Topic branches Yes
LFS Needs Work Large binary objects
narrow clones No
clone bundles Needs Work